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We all have music/songs that we go to at certain times in our lives. Me, I like to casually listen to all types of music. From raving it on down in the car with my mum to 70s classics to feeling sorry for myself as I hum Ed Sheeran tunes. The list is endless, they all inspire me and naturally it grows the older we all get.

A song appeared on my Youtube suggestions very recently and it was that that actually inspired this post and it was by the band 1975. I had heard of there music before, I’d probably played it before when using Amazon Prime random playlists but had never paid that much attention – this was until their new hit (after their year-long hiatus) was released titled ‘Give Yourself A Try’. So that’s exactly where I’m starting! I won’t be numbering them, instead opting for a bullet point system – they’re all equally brilliant.


1975Give Yourself A Try 

1975 Promo [2018]I think this could be my favourite song of 2018.  With fans commenting on their changing sounds and with Matty temporarily physically resembling both Hayley, of Paramore, and Gerard Way of MCR, for the video it’s hard not to love them. You can also catch Matty Healy briefly discussing the lyrics on Youtube. It’s an addictive song, one that I can easily play over and over. With lyrics like You learn a couple things when you get to my age,
Like friends don’t lie and it all tastes the same in the dark…And I was 25 and afraid to go outside
A millennial that baby-boomers like…”

 divides glasgow band

I was introduced to this band by someone I went to college with. He knew the singer, the band was local and he recommended their music once he knew I liked bands like Paramore and Flyleaf. They’re a brilliant band and I’m the proud owner of some merchandise too.


flyleaf band


FlyleafFully Alive

I’d be lying if I said I could remember how I came across Flyleaf. My best friend at the time recommended them to me, along with lots of other music.

We both loved these types of bands and whilst I cannot 100% say for certain that she recommended this one I know there were lots more.




 paramore decode band


Despite being a huge Twilight fan when the books originally came out I was pulled in, even more, when I heard the music that was going to be the soundtrack behind it. Paramore had two songs featured in the first Twilight movie, which was directed by Catherine Hardwick. Once she had finished reading the book Hayley, the lead singer, approached Hardwick to showcase the song she had written (Decode), this was when Catherine not only agreed to use it but she also commissioned another song – this one called ‘I Caught Myself’. Her determination, the lyrics and the music to this song just take me back to the ‘Twilight years’, and although it can be nostalgic, it feels inspiring too. More about it here.



embrace band


Now, this song takes me back to my teens. It wasn’t that long ago but it feels like a different life. During this time was the beginnings of my anxiety, when I wasn’t even sure what it was but I tried my best to get zoned in on different things for distractions. That year I found myself zoned in on a television series called ‘Big Brother’.

I don’t remember the year and I’m not 100% on the cast of it, whether it was ‘Celebrity’ or not. But I recall being so absorbed by it that the night it finished the cameras did their usual panning around the empty house, lights going out and ghostly laughs echoed as they shut their doors until the next year. This song was playing in the background. I still remember hearing it to this day and whilst it, again, is nostalgic I find it inspiring how it takes me back to places too.


ElbowOne Day Like This

Image result for the band elbow


I’ve always loved this song but watching it at a festival really made it that more amazing. The crowds’ response just nails exactly what the song is all about, you can watch lots of Elbow festival performances on Youtube. Like the song before it also takes me back to when I was sat watching the festival on TV. It was late as the curtains were drawn and it was only me lying on the sofa as everyone else had gone to sleep… or I was possibly sleeping at my mums. There have been so many Elbow festival performances…yet I seem to remember lots of them.


And that’s it… until later this evening and I’ll probably find some more! Do you have any go-to songs for inspiration? I’d love to hear them. Share share!

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