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    Hotpatooties the Cows is out.

    the cows

    The Cows

    I’ve always been a lover of all things Dawn O’Porter, going back to when she presented a range of shows on BBCThree. I found myself following her on Instagram a while ago as well as finding her books on Amazon. I’d purchased them (Paper Aeroplanes & Goose) but had never got around to committing and reading them. It wasn’t until her new book, released in paperback this Summer, came out that I realised The Cows was her first Adult novel.

    Finishing up my last book I waited a few hours until the evening came around. A mug of tea at my side and propped up on a cushion in the corner of the sofa I delved into The Cows.

    To begin with, I wasn’t sure what it was about. Did it involve actual cows? I gave the synopsis at the back of the book a quick read but the quote on the front cover “Don’t follow the herd’, led us in. Oooh.

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