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    Guest Post – Yasmin

    meditating by the sea, on the beach.
    I wanted this to be one of the first blog posts that I did. This is because I want to tell the story and want others to see my progress to give them the confidence in themselves and see that they too can progress!

    Going back…

    If we can rewind to even 6-7 months ago I was a completely different person to how I am now. It’s actually scary to think how much can change in such a short amount of time. Back then, I was quite possibly at my worst, mentally. I was pretty much bed bound – I did try to go work and did go a lot of days – but not without great difficulty. A normal day for me consisted of constant panicky symptoms – a racing heart, sweaty palms & a head on my shoulders which I couldn’t make sense of. Every thought that came into my head seemed scarier than the last and I just felt terrified all of the time.
    person holding white printer paperMy head didn’t really make sense a lot of the time and I convinced myself that there was something majorly wrong with me. Becoming increasingly withdrawn I began to feel numb, I stopped laughing – I didn’t have a proper bellyache laughing moment for such a long time – which looking back, is actually really sad. Losing my confidence, I didn’t like myself. Continuing to struggle to accept what was happening to me as well as constantly arguing with all the irrational thoughts in my head – it as truly exhausting.

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