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    Songs that inspire and light the fire…

    inspiring music

    We all have music/songs that we go to at certain times in our lives. Me, I like to casually listen to all types of music. From raving it on down in the car with my mum to 70s classics to feeling sorry for myself as I hum Ed Sheeran tunes. The list is endless, they all inspire me and naturally it grows the older we all get.

    A song appeared on my Youtube suggestions very recently and it was that that actually inspired this post and it was by the band 1975. I had heard of there music before, I’d probably played it before when using Amazon Prime random playlists but had never paid that much attention – this was until their new hit (after their year-long hiatus) was released titled ‘Give Yourself A Try’. So that’s exactly where I’m starting! I won’t be numbering them, instead opting for a bullet point system – they’re all equally brilliant.

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